'Teen Mom: Being Teen Dad' Recap: Jo & Vee's Future Doesn't Look So Bright

teen mom being dads special jo riveraWe've been through multiple seasons of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, where we've focused on the lives of the girls, their children, and their respective baby daddies. But now it's time to give the spotlight over to the gentlemen and see what it's really like Being Teen Dad. Because tonight, we got a special behind-the-scenes look at what's going on with Jo Rivera, Corey Simms, and Ryan Edwards. FINALLY.

Kailyn Lowry's ex and Isaac's dad, Jo, has been in their lives since the beginning. Though he and Kailyn have had their rough patches (and some have definitely been rough), he's always battled to be in Isaac's life. Now, he lives with his girlfriend, Vee, in New Jersey and travels three hours each week to pick up and drop off Isaac.


And it doesn't seem like he wants anything to change. The long-term relationship, at least for Vee, does not seem to be headed anywhere. We saw at multiple points tonight that Jo is not thinking about marriage, hasn't made up his mind about whether or not he wants another child, and won't fully commit to either side.

He's essentially stringing his girlfriend along. He'll admit that he won't want another child now (because it'll be like "starting a new game"), but he won't entirely discount the idea either. As for her? She wants to start her own daycare business in Florida, where she would ultimately like to settle down (something that Jo explains is impossible because of Kailyn). Finally, when they get to talking in a restaurant while out with Isaac, Jo comes clean and tells producers that he doesn't know what he wants and won't propose just for the sake of proposing.

But as noble as that statement might be (really, who would want to be proposed to just to say it happened?), it also looks like he has no plans to change or make up his mind any time soon. For now, he has Isaac and Vee and doesn't want to change a thing.

Then we had Corey, who, after a whirlwind romance with Leah Calvert, has finally settled down with his wife Miranda. He gets Ali and Aleeah every weekend and is quickly learning how to balance his new wife alongside his first family.

Corey and Leah's issues have never been a secret. They found out they were pregnant with twins after only one month of dating. They got together, broke up, got married, got divorced, and finally remarried other people. Now, they're both seemingly happy but still have to regularly communicate for the sake of the twins.

But that doesn't make things easy for Miranda. First, she's incredibly shy in front of the cameras (really, girl, what did you expect when you married into the Teen Mom family?) and genuinely wants to respect her boundaries and role as a stepmother, leaving Corey to communicate between his new wife and his ex-wife. 

As always, we had an appearance from Corey's dad, who advises him on how to co-parent properly. He has to put the girls first, establish boundaries, and only talk about the kids. It's definitely not easy, but as Corey and Miranda show, it's completely necessary.

Finally, we saw Ryan Edwards, Maci Bookout's ex and Bentley's pops. Since the original Teen Mom ended, he's been co-parenting his son, is now working as a lineman for a power company, and is in a long-term relationship with Shelby. He's been living with his parents since he first broke up with Maci and is also itching to get out and find a place of his own.

Conveniently, Shelby is also looking to find a new place to live, so they discuss moving in together. But with Bentley over for the weekend, the little guy overhears their discussion and is not happy to hear that he'll be leaving Mimi's house.

So when they go together to look at a house, it seems that they're getting more serious about the move. But Bentley doesn't hold back his opinions (seriously, what an awesome 5-year-old), and neither does Ryan's dad. Together, they both tell him that moving in with his girlfriend would not be the best idea, but who actually knows what'll go down.

What did you think of the Being Teen Dad special? Did you like seeing Jo, Corey, and Ryan again?


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