'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Jordan & Derek Don't Have Any Stability

16 and pregnant jordanWe've seen our fair share of struggles on the many seasons of 16 and Pregnant. But tonight's episode, which featured 18-year-old Jordan, showed us just how difficult teen pregnancy and parenting can get when you're also faced with homelessness.

The party girl from Baltimore met her boyfriend, Derek, on Twitter (seriously, is this how it happens now? She's the third girl this season to meet her boo on the twitterverse). He was a successful high school athlete who had a scholarship to college, and Jordan's parents even let him move into their home. But when the young couple gets pregnant, her parents are quick to kick him out. And she chose to follow him. Jordan and Derek have been homeless ever since.


They've been couch surfing and living out of a beat-up minivan. Jordan's grandmother can't give them a home, she doesn't speak to her parents, and they've worn out their welcome at their friends' homes. Eventually, they manage to live with Derek's dad's friend, who leases them their living room. With two twin mattresses on the floor and their items in garbage bags, they finally have a somewhat stable home. However, the rest of the struggle is real.

And to make matters even worse, Derek no longer has a job. His seasonal one ended and the young family doesn't have any money coming in. When their beloved car dies, they're forced to walk home in the middle of winter.

Finally, Derek gets serious about his job search. He gets a haircut and starts looking. But before he gets an interview, Jordan goes into labor and baby Genevieve (Evie) is born.

They return back to the house but, after only a week, find out that they're being evicted by the landlord. They are officially out of ideas and options.

Except then, Derek's dad calls and offers to move them down to Texas with him, where Derek would have a job working at a cable company, and the family would have their own space in Derek's dad's home. A hard option to pass up, but it means moving all the way to Texas.

Without even letting her parents know, Jordan and Derek end up making the move. They pack up their things, take the baby, and fly off to Texas for a (hopefully) more stable life.

Do you think they should have moved to Texas?


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