'The Challenge: Free Agents' Recap: Cara Maria & Laurel's Friendship Crumbles

the challenge free agents cara maria laurel

All's fair in love and challenges, right? At least that's what vet Johnny Bananas wisely proclaimed one season. But what happens when you bring real life friendships into The Challenge: Free Agents? In the case of Laurel and Cara Maria, it crumbles quickly and efficiently.

Immediately in the beginning of the episode, the two best friends get into a heated argument. But Laurel's argument takes an ugly turn, and after uttering "shut the f*** up" to her supposed bestie, they're officially not on speaking terms. Granted, things aren't helped when Laurel claims that she won't always be on Cara's side, so their friendliness collapses.


Seeing this as her opportunity, Jessica swoops in and automatically befriends Laurel. And things take an ever weirder turn when it's time to get ready for the next challenge: "Dug Out." Coupled up, teams of guys and girls have to run up and down ramps, which are all connected in the center, to transfer balls from one end to the other. When Cara Maria and Jessica become teammates, their feud has to be put to rest ... if only for a moment.

With the men and women each pairing off, the game begins. It ends fairly quickly when the powerhouse teams of Zach & CT and Nany & Theresa dominate the entire challenge. And when they return to the house to choose who will go into the elimination round, the winners go with Jessica and Cohutta.

When it comes time to choosing the kill card, duel vet Cara once again chooses her fate (she's 3 for 5 now), and Leroy's luck finally runs out and he has to face Cohutta. So while Cara and Jessica were teammates just earlier in the episode, they're now facing off to stay. And while Laurel horribly cheers on Jessica (really, girl, you can't put aside your pride and root for your friend?), Cara takes her out but injured her hand in the victory. Following the girls' duel, Leroy easily dominates little Cohutta, who bids his challenge wife a kiss goodbye.

Back home, everyone applauds the wins but are mostly shocked by Laurel's behavior. "Laurel would eat her own child if she were hungry," said CT. And in some bizarro way, he might be completely right.

Who do you side with? Laurel or Cara Maria?


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