The Duggar Girls Have a Big Problem They Need to Fix ASAP (VIDEO)

I'm branching out to cover the shows YOU asked me to watch! In today's exclusive episode below, I get into 19 Kids and Counting on TLC, as well as FOX's new train wreck, ahem, competition dating show, I Wanna Marry Harry. And there's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gossip as well.


Want to know a secret? Before my career as a reality star, I had never seen a reality show. Not one. Ever. Which, to some viewers and network executives, may explain a lot. As I now jump into watching many shows on many networks, it's clear that the behind-the-scenes experience carries over into watching ANY show.

Watch the video below for my take on Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar after the engagement of their daughter Jill to Derick Dillard. I address the style of their show versus the docu-soap, including interviews, subject matter, and retakes. ALSO, I have one very big piece of advice for (some of) the Duggar daughters. Can you guess what it might be?

Also this week, have you been watch FOX's royal incarnation of Joe MillionaireI Wanna Marry Harry? I take a deep dive, well, as deep as it's possible to go, anyway, with what makes a young woman want to sign up for such a show, and what might be going through both their heads and that of lookalike star Matt Hicks.

Finally this week, Beverly Hills gossip. What goes into casting a housewife, and at what point is it better to start over versus investing in a lackluster cast member? I give you the DIRT on money and casting.

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Which reality show do you like better -- Real Housewives or 19 Kids and Counting?

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