Amber Portwood's Depressing Comments Leave Us Concerned

Amber PortwoodIf anyone deserves to find love, it's Amber Portwood. That girl has been to hell and back, including overcoming substance abuse and some pretty serious anger management issues during a 17-month prison stay. Don't forget this Teen Mom star was also just that -- a teen mom -- so she had a baby during all of this too.

Although she was engaged to her baby daddy Gary Shirley back in the day, the two have decided they're better off just being friends, even if Gary does shower her with gifts of baked goods.

Anyway, we were head-over-heels excited for Amber when she insinuated last month that she may have found a new love, but alas, this romance seems to have fizzled before it even got a chance to sizzle, if Amber's cryptic heartbreak-y tweets are any indication.


Major suckage. But one thing Amber should keep in mind is that if someone pretends to be something they're not, then she's not the fool, he is. She's right about one thing though -- pretenders are an absolute waste of time.

We're proud of Amber keeping her chin up though. It's tough when you're lonely, but it's better to be alone than to be with someone toxic. Besides, Leah probably isn't ready to share her mama yet anyway.

Do you think Amber lost love again?


Image via Amber Portwood/Twitter

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