Maci Bookout’s Serious Financial Trouble Makes Us Concerned for Bentley

Maci BookoutMaci Bookout may look like a million bucks, but she's apparently landed in some major financial hot water. The reality star rose to fame on MTV's 16 & Pregnant and then four seasons of Teen Mom, for which she was paid an undisclosed sum.

It apparently wasn't enough though. In Touch has reportedly gotten their hands on a copy of a tax lien against Maci, which shows that the red-headed beauty owes a whopping $78,308 to the IRS from 2011. Ouch!


So how did this happen? Maci reportedly worked as an independent contractor for MTV, which means they didn't withhold any money for taxes from her paycheck. Instead, she was supposed to budget for such things and pay her taxes out of pocket in a lump sum.

As someone who worked as a freelancer for years, I totally get how difficult it can be to spend the money instead of saving it -- somehow you always think you'll earn more. I feel ya, Maci. Maybe not to the tune of nearly $80K, but I feel ya.

A source told In Touch that Maci is totally having a hard time with the sticker shock. "She’s in denial," the source reported. "She needs to find a way to pay back this money. She’s gotten herself into a lot of trouble."

Someone else told the mag, "She's been telling people that she’s working on paying it back, but very little progress has been made."

To make matters worse, Maci is currently unemployed and doesn't make a lot from hyping companies on social media. We're hoping she's finally going to finish her book or that the rumors about Teen Mom coming back to the small screen are true. Because let's be honest -- we can't get enough of the southern adorableness that is Maci, and we'd like to see her earn some cash and get out from under her financial woes.

Not mention how much we're worried for what this means for Maci's 5-year-old son Bentley. Not paying your taxes can have dire consequences, from destroying your credit to landing you in jail. At the very least, it's got to be stressing mama out and taking time away from him so she can earn the money to pay it back.

Hopefully Maci has a plan and all will be right with the IRS before too long.

Have you ever had to pay the IRS back taxes?


Image via Maci Bookout/Instagram

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