'Walking Dead' Season 5 Spoiler: MAJOR Character May Die

Walking Dead season 5 spoilersOkay Walking Dead fans, I have a potential HUGE character death spoiler to share about season 5. I'll say up front this is 100 percent rumor territory as shared by The Spoiling Dead, a fan community page that's been reporting news from the show's filming location over the last few weeks -- but if it's true, we are in for a seriously upsetting episode next season.

If you don't want to know what original Walking Dead cast member may get killed off in season 5, read no farther! (I'll also be talking about a major spoiler from the comics, but I'll give you fair warning before I get to that.)


First things first: I think it's pretty fair to assume there will be at least one OH-NO-THEY-DIDN'T death in season 5, being how our core group of survivors pretty much got through season 4 unscathed. So while this rumor is unconfirmed, it doesn't exactly have the whiff of complete bullshit -- especially since it doesn't involve Rick or Carl.

According to The Spoiling Dead, there's a good chance we'll be saying goodbye to Glenn next season. Here's what they've reported:

We have heard from multiple sources about a possible death. Word is the death of Glenn was filmed yesterday. It's possible it could be someone else, but multiple sources stated Glenn. Reports are the set was locked down and everyone was told the cast would not be coming out. As we stated this is currently a rumor and we are tracking this and trying to get more information.

The site also points to this tweet from Alanna Masterson, who plays Tara:

Aw, not Glenn! And yet ... Glenn kind of seems like the perfect choice. He's a super likable character who's been around since the start so it'll be an enormous gut-punch to lose him, but he's not mission-critical to the story.

*Warning: comics spoilers ahead!*

As some of you may know from the original graphic novels, Glenn dies at the hand of Negan. It's a jaw-dropping, horrifically violent scene that I don't think could possibly play out on AMC the way it did in the comics, and it makes sense for the show creators to switch up Glenn's story anyway so we don't see what's coming. In the comics Maggie is pregnant with Glenn's child when he dies, so if he does get killed off on the show, it's possible they'll work that in as well -- although frankly, it doesn't seem like there's been much time for hanky panky since they reunited.

Who knows if this rumor is true or not, but it's interesting to think about the possibilities of how it might play out. If Glenn dies, how will happen? In the battle for escape at Terminus? Or as The Spoiling Dead theorizes, during a mission to rescue Beth? Here's what showrunner Scott Gimple said about the moment when we find out what happened to Beth next season:

It might be a little heartbreaking, it might be a little heartwarming, but it’s going to be interesting.

What's your take on this rumor, does it seem possible we'll lose Glenn next season?

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