Chelsea Houska Shares Good News We've All Been Waiting For​

Chelsea Houska Aubree

The stars of the Teen Mom shows definitely have their fair share of drama in their lives, which is why it's so refreshing when one of them turns up happy, balanced, and practically oozing with positivity. Based on a couple of recent tweets, it looks like things are really starting to fall into place for Chelsea Houska. ('Bout damn time she caught a break!)

I mean, Chelsea already looks hotter than ever, so she has that going for her, but as you will see, her beauty also radiates from the inside.


Man. Could she possibly sound any more content? And even though that second tweet was shared after the first, it really says it all as far as all we need to know about being happy. If we love ourselves and realize what we deserve, good things tend to follow. It's like the law of attraction or whatever -- and believe it or not, it works. (Or at least Chel thinks it does!)

And you know what else? Chelsea has also apparently figured out a little secret to being satisfied with one's life: You have to stop depending on other people for your happiness. She obviously realizes that she's in charge of her own destiny, and she has no intention of letting anyone come in and steal her joy.

Huh. Maybe if we all made it a point to adopt the same attitude, we'd be tweeting all sorts of positive shit too.

Are you happy that Chelsea is so ... happy?!?


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