'True Tori Reunion' Recap: Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Still Have Bombshells

Tori SpellingOn the True Tori reunion special, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are reunited after Dean's trip to Toronto to film his cooking show. The pair had separated despite being in the midst of their grueling attempt to repair their marriage after Dean cheated with another woman. The reunion promised to answer some lingering questions, such as whether Dean got busy with other women Tori didn't know about, whether Tori felt that the cheating episode was karma for her cheating with Dean when he was married, and even whether the entire show was fake.


Host Brooke Anderson played various clips as the embattled pair answered some lingering questions. Yes, as TMI as the show was, apparently there were some things left unsaid.

Asked why she chose to stay rather than leave Dean, something we learn Tori vowed she would do if he ever cheated, Tori says, "We have four kids together. Life doesn't work that way. We have four other beings to account for." But she also makes it clear it's not just about the kids -- she still loves Dean, and no matter what he did, she can't just turn that off.

As to whether Tori thinks all of this is karma for her cheating on her first husband, as well as breaking apart Dean's family, Tori falls back on the "you can't help who you fall in love with" defense. But prodded again later in the show when a viewer has the same question, Tori is a bit more forthcoming this time, but still maddeningly obtuse, saying, "I didn't see it as I broke up that family. That was his decision ... I said if it ever happened to me, I wouldn't blame the other woman, and I don't blame Emily. I blame Dean."

Well, maybe it helps that nobody can seem to find the elusive Emily Goodhand. Hard to blame someone who has disappeared into the ether. Does she really exist? Was the entire show, as many suspect, just a well-acted ruse to get Tori and Dean a much-needed paycheck?

If the show was fake, their response to this question is just as well-played as the entire show was. Tori rolls her eyes and says she wishes Emily didn't exist. And Dean concurs, saying, "She exists." Maybe Emily is a composite character -- someone meant to represent years of real women, ones without names, without faces, without access to US Weekly -- whom Dean had bedded over the years. Just a thought.

As for other women, Tori initially agrees to ask Dean if he's slept with more but chickens out and decides the reunion show isn't the time to bring that up. (Maybe she'll save that for the next reality show, which she is supposedly already hankering for.) Anyway, I think we can safely assume "Emily Goodhand" wasn't Deano's first time at the rodeo.

As for the other pressing question (one I surely was wondering about), Tori demurs and refuses to tell whether or not the pair have had sex since the scandal broke. "I'd rather not answer that," Tori says, looking truly uncomfortable for probably the first time in the show's history. But then she concedes that there have been "intimate connections."

I don't know about you, but I'm gonna take that as a no.

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Will these two stay together now that the cameras are gone?

There is something about this crazy couple that makes me root for them. Maybe it's the fact that they both have their wedding vows tattooed on their sides. It definitely wasn't the song Dean sang at the end of the show.

It's not often that a celebrity couple steps out from behind their wall of blinding smiles and gushing sentiments to give us a close-up view of the union's cracks and -- in this case -- canyons. Normally a couple that everyone thought was perfect just suddenly separates one day and no one knows what the hell happened.

Of course, it's no one's business what happened. But Tori and Dean decided to share their business with us.

Why they did that is still a bit of a mystery -- but it was pretty brave, wasn't it?

Do you think these two will stay together?


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