'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Sonja Morgan's Crazy Drunken Behavior Is a Little Scary

rhonyTuesday's episode of RHONY likely made you vomit at some points and cringe at others. Between Aviva Drescher's father, George, and Aviva's conversations about her father's sex life with his new fiance, there were numerous portions of the hour-long show that just were ... nauseating. For whatever reason, Aviva pressed her dad's girlfriend to tell her what kind of man he was between the sheets, and when she told her, Aviva waved her hands about, saying she didn't want to hear about her father's sex life. Ridic.

As for the cringe-worthy part? Oof, it was Sonja Morgan's drunken antics.


During a day at the horse races in Saratoga, New York, Sonja got, in a word, shit-faced. She was downing Bloody Marys at what one could guess was about 10 in the morning, and because she's not Keith Richards, it caught up with her. She got separated from LuAnn, Carole, Kristen, and Heather, and despite LuAnn's attempts to get in touch with her, she remained MIA. Then, hours after the girls got back to where they were staying, Sonja careens through the door like a longshoreman, slurring cuss words, talking to herself in a mirror, and screaming in Kristen's face that she was a liar before storming out of the house with her bags. It actually was one of those things that was more embarrassing than fascinating to watch. Although she was acting like an idiot, it was hard not to feel bad for Sonja. She seemed so lost and alone, being wasteyface all by herself.

The episode, naturally, ended right as things were heating up, leaving us wanting more and teasing us with what's to come next week. Spoiler alert: It isn't pretty. It appears Sonja somehow reconvenes with the group at a bar, and wow! Things get completely out of hand, what with her hanging all over everyone and Bravo having to blur out her crotch when she falls over in her seat. It's going to be good, bad, embarrassing, awful, and cringe-worthy. Which is exactly how we like our Housewives.

What did you think of Sonja's behavior? And what about George's conversation with Ramona? Ew!


Image via Bravo

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