'I Wanna Marry 'Harry'' Recap: Prince Shows His Inner Bad Boy at Pool Party

i wanna marry harry pool party

In an effort to completely fool the girls that Matt Hicks is actually the Prince of Wales, FOX has stepped it up. On tonight's I Wanna Marry 'Harry' the ladies were given a few more hints into their bachelor's "identity," and the rowdiness continued.

As the recipient of the "Crown Suite" key last week, Kimberly got the first one-on-one date with the Prince. Together, they took a 6 a.m. hot air balloon ride (in a Union Jack balloon, natch) over the countryside and then had breakfast in the woods. But in order to keep the ruse alive, some well-placed paparazzi quickly ruined the date.


They swarmed the bachelor and his date and the bodyguards were fast to intervene. But the trick worked. Kim immediately believed that the photogs were in place for a reason.

And for the second part of the week's dates, Jacqueline, Kelley, and Maggie joined 'Harry' for a day out boating. Unfortunately, the fake royal was not as adept at rowing as the real prince ... so they ended up in the thickets. NBD.

Once the picnic started, the ladies began the inquisition. They asked about his brother, his new sister-in-law (hi Kate!), his nephew (sup, George?), and his answers perfectly and vaguely matched those of the real Harry. Not a bad job on the trivia, Matt.

Even while Kelley managed to backflip off and bang her head on the boat, the prince kept his cool and remained impressed. And later, when they showed up to meet the rest of the ladies, he was completely in character. He entered the pool party with swim trunks, a button-down, and a khaki Panama hat. Entirely reminiscent of Prince Harry's infamous trip to Las Vegas. But we'll have to wait to see if the girls caught on to that little tidbit.

Complete with scandalous swimsuits, a game of limbo, and plenty of twerking (that's right, just imagine Harry in the presence of twerkers), the prince pulled off his ruse. He spent time in the hot tub with Meghan (a date which he ended with a steamy kiss) and Karina (who he demurely kissed on the cheek).

Eventually, as the ladies gathered for dinner, Sir asked to see Carley and Karina separately. He chose to have Carley go home and awarded Karina the Crown Suite key to join him on an exclusive date later.

But as we saw in next week's previews, the trickery may all start to fall apart as one girl strongly claims that Sir is not Prince Harry.

Do you think the women are starting to figure it out?


Image via Chris Raphael/FOX

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