Jenelle Evans' Exes Insult Her Son in the Worst Possible Way

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Wow. It's no big secret that Jenelle Evans doesn't exactly have amicable relationships with her exes, but would you believe they're going so far as to try and pull her kid into the drama?

Yep. In what is most definitely an effort to make Jenelle absolutely fly off the handle, Gary Head, Kieffer Delp, and Courtland Rogers insist that Jace used to call them "Daddy." As you can probably guess, their little plan to piss her off worked like a charm.

In traditional Jenelle fashion, she fought back against the claims on Twitter.


And then of course, Courtland and Kieffer both had to chime in.

Um, can you blame her for going berserk over this one?!? I guess we'll never really know whether or not Jace actually did ever refer to any of Jenelle's exes as Daddy, but calling him out for it is just plain shitty.

If anyone ever said anything like that about my son? I'd totally freak. Insulting someone's child is just plain mean -- and if any of these dudes ever had any sort of feelings for Jace, they'd keep their nasty comments to themselves instead of throwing him under the bus like that.

I think I've said this at least 1,000 times, but Jenelle is doing her best to get her act together. The last thing she needs is people trying to remind her of the things she's done to screw up in the past.

She might want to seriously consider blocking these dudes on Twitter so they can't harass her anymore. Something tells me as long as they have a platform to continue tearing her down, the attacks aren't going to stop anytime soon.

Do you think Jenelle has a right to be upset?


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