'Bachelorette' Recap: Andi's 'Gut' Gets It SO Wrong

the bacheloretteFor this episode of The Bachelorette, we found out who the boys are -- and who the men are. I just feel like I need to say that because of the guys' "Boyz ll Men" performance. They did okay, right? I mean, they sounded terrible. But they were pretty good sports about it, and that's what matters most. But seriously, in this episode, two guys revealed themselves as real men with integrity, and one man revealed himself as a boy, a player. And wow, did Andi blow it or what? "I went with my gut." Okay, lady. Was it your gut or maybe something else talking to you?


What a setup. After that sweet date with J.J. (sadness), after the hot make-out session with Josh M. (who got a rose!), it's those two who confront Andrew about his skeevy chasing after a waitress while competing for Andi's heart. And guess who makes the cut? Andrew. And she cuts loose Bradley, a guy she's probably pretty compatible with, as well as Brett. Oh Andi.

I thought it was kinda hot the way Josh M. and J.J. confronted Andrew for "cheating" on the show. If only Andi had seen that. Oh well, now she's stuck with Mr. Wrong still in the mix.

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You've got to wonder, would any of us have the right creep radar to pick up on a player like Andrew? I mean, I think we'd all like to think we would. But here's evidence that your gut doesn't always come through for you. Maybe Andi will find out about the real Andrew later, though, once she gets to know him better.

An aside: What's with telling Marquel, one of the few black contestants on the show, that your favorite color is black?!? "Duly noted," Marquel says, probably under the impression that what Andi means is she prefers brothers. But actually, she prefers Josh. Way to lead a guy on, Andi! Was your brain at all engaged in that conversation?!?

Do you think Andi will eventually see through Andrew's charm, or will he keep fooling her?


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