'Breaking Bad' Star Drops MASSIVE Tease About Walter White (VIDEO)

Breaking BadBreaking Bad fans, we need to talk. You saw the series finale, right? Because if you didn't see the final episode, you need to stop reading right this instant. Seriously, I'm about to delve into major spoiler territory and I do NOT want you to ruin the final moments of the best series in the history of television for yourself.

Okay, if you're still here, I assume that you, like me, watched Walter White die in the finale -- as his "obituary" read, "After a long battle with lung cancer, and a gunshot wound." Walt collapsed and died after taking a bullet to his abdomen from his own remote-activated machine gun. However, according to actor Bryan Cranston, we shouldn't be 100 percent positive that's what really happened.


Cranston was doing an interview with CNN's Ashleigh Banfield on Thursday, and Banfield told him she hadn't been convinced that Walt was truly dead in the last moments of the episode:

I’m going to ask you, really, seriously, I wasn’t so sure that you died, I really wasn’t. Your eyes were open and I thought, ‘What if the police just take him into custody, he gets better, breaks out, and just goes nuts?'

And here's what Cranston said:

Hey, you never saw bags zip up or anything.

Banfield flat-out asked if Walt was dead, and Cranston replied, “I don’t know." She pressed him a little more:

No movie? No nothing? No Walter White ever again?

His total tease of a non-answer:

Never say never.

Oooooh, CRANSTON. He had to know this was going to blow up the Internet, didn't he?

Personally, I think we did see Walt die. I think Cranston enjoys being cagey with fans, and there's a real possibility Walt will make some kind of cameo appearance on the Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul. But I really, really doubt that epic finale was all a big fakeout and that Walt survived, despite some of the hopeful theories that are floating out there (like The Atlantic writer who insists, "I will believe that he is dead when I see a flat line on his ECG and a close-up of his flaccid jugular vein").

Take another look at the final scene and let me know -- do you think it's possible Walt was alive?

Image via AMC

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