Juan Pablo & Nikki Ferrell Join VH1's 'Couples Therapy' Because Why Not?

Juan Pablo, Nikki FerrellWe've been questioning the validity of Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell's relationship ever since he refused to put a ring on it or even say, "I love you" to his lady of choice on the season finale of The Bachelor. Come on, JP, you know it's expected -- just do it and break up later like most normal Bachelor cast members.

Anyway, these two are still (surprisingly) together, and their latest move is either a good sign for their relationship or a sad cry of fame-whoring helplessness. Because if the rumors are to be believed, these two have joined the cast of VH1's Couples Therapy for its fifth season.


VH1 isn't commenting on Juan Pabs and Nikki's involvement, but they are promoting a "mystery pair" to join confirmed couples Jenna Jameson and John Wood, Big Brother's Dick "Evil Dick" Donato and Stephanie Rogness-Fischer, Naughty by Nature's Anthony "Treach" Criss and Cicely Evans, and Jersey Shore's Deena Cortese and Chris Buckner.

A source has confirmed that the couple is joining in on the fun of receiving relationship advice from Dr. Jenn Berman, but that JP still has a gag order of sorts under his ABC contract. They said, "It's true, they're doing it. The reason it wasn't put in the press release is due to Juan Pablo's deal with ABC. It's not up until August, so, contractually, it can't be mentioned until then."

Of course, they could probably skip the whole thing, because E! Online managed to get some advice for them from one of Couples Therapy's most infamous participants, Farrah Abraham. The Teen Mom star made waves by being on the show despite her single status.

The love guru offered some insight on how Juan Pablo and Nikki might make it. "For starters, maybe Nikki and Juan Pablo want to move closer to each other," Abrams offered. "And if they are having fidelity issues, they need to fix it and change things, or else he can go back to being a bachelor."

She also encouraged them to "be open to growth and try not to hold yourself back. It's really about pushing yourself and growing. I would definitely let Dr. Jenn work her magic!"

Couples Therapy's fifth season premieres Wednesday, September 10, on VH1.

Do you think another reality TV show will help JP and Nikki's relationship?


Image via Nikki Ferrell/Instagram

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