'The Challenge: Free Agents' Recap: Nany Ruins Her Chances With Cohutta

the challenge free agents nany cohutta

One week after Johnny Bananas decisively knocked Jordan out of the game, The Challenge: Free Agents house seems to have recovered from the shock. But to surpass last week's drama, Nany started her own share of spectacles by royally ruining what she had with Cohutta.

Granted, the girl has not had the best luck with guys. Let's all rewind to The Real World: Las Vegas, where Adam essentially used her, then admitted to the camera that he was doing it all on purpose. That could make any person feel a tad jaded. But since Cohutta and Nany have been the "it couple" of the season (sry, Jordan + Laurel), tonight's episode was an even bigger shock.


After a crazy, alcohol-filled night, Nany and Johnny hooked up. In the hallway, on a sofa, they went at it. And afterward, instead of immediately admitting what happened, she only told Cohutta that everyone was hooking up and that she casually did as well.

But before she could admit the rest of the story to her in-house beau, the group was off to their challenge, "Hold That Pose." TJ Lavin and the MTV crew built two massive wooden cages with seven sets of ribbons in each cage. To win, the two teams of seven had to hang on to the ribbons (each player by both hands and both feet) for one minute without touching the ground.

With Devyn and Johnny as the captains, the groups set off on two completely different strategies. Johnny's team decided to use the entire team to strap in each competitor, one by one. Meanwhile, Devyn's team dispersed and each strapped into their individual ribbons and then all hung on at the same time.

Not shockingly, Devyn and her team emerged victorious and had to return home to vote in one guy and one girl into the elimination round. The rest of the losing team would automatically be taking part in the draw.

Challenge vet Aneesa was unanimously chosen to compete and Preston was finally picked first this season. Unfortunately, it was to go into the duel, so grain of salt there.

But instead of worrying about the elimination round, Cohutta and Nany finally had their talk. She came clean about the previous night's hookup and claimed she just "didn't want to make Cohutta feel stupid." Well, Nany, he's not the only one who looks stupid. I can't imagine he'll be too happy with what he sees after he watches this episode. Those supposed "kisses" look far less innocent than implied.

Soon enough, though, Cohutta had his own challenge when he pulled the kill card and had to face Preston in the duel. Nany's dude easily beat Preston, but the ladies had a bit of a tougher time. Aneesa got her wish and faced Laurel in the game, but the bigger and stronger girl won after two hard-fought rounds and veteran Aneesa was sent packing.

As TJ announced, the challenge is more than halfway done, so the stakes are higher and the drama should get more serious. But let's see how the couples survive.

Do you think Nany and Cohutta will last for long?


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