'Teen Mom' Star Gets Tattoo in the Raciest Place Ever

Teen Mom 3 cast

Damn. Many of the stars of the Teen Mom shows dig getting tattoos, but up until now, no one has really gone and done anything out of the ordinary.

I mean, it's not exactly a huge shocker when one of them winds up with a big ol' tramp stamp (sorry) or some sort of inspirational phrase or saying that has a special meaning to her scrolled across her bod.

But wait until you see what just might be the oddest, raciest, most self-indulgent placement of ink we've ever heard of.


You guys? Katie Yeager tattooed her cleavage. Yes, as in her boobs. I'm not even kidding.

Katie Yeager

Ok, so this pic was taken before she got the actual tattoo, but it gives you a better visual, if nothing else.

She announced the news on Twitter and added that the tattoo is of her initials -- so I guess she's sort of marking her own territory in a way or something.

OMG. I don't have any tats, but somehow I'm guessing getting one on your tatas has to be pretty painful? Or maybe not, given that the tissue is pretty dense?

Whatever. Either way, Katie definitely had every intention of making a statement by choosing to get inked up in such a risque area. But hey, at least she was smart enough to get her own initials versus those of some dude. 

Would you ever get a cleavage tattoo?


Images via Twitter; Twitter

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