Dean McDermott Has Tori Spelling's Name Tattooed WHERE?!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermottIt looks like Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott will do anything these days to help boost ratings of their Lifetime Network reality show, True Tori. The Hollywood couple has been spilling secrets about their marriage and love life like it’s everyone’s business, and their latest revelation will make you want to run for a bucket -– seriously.


I have been shaken ever since this week's episode of True Tori in which a friend tells Tori that she should have Dean sign a legal document that states he wouldn’t cheat on her anymore. Tori then reveals that her husband has something even more permanent inked on his body -- her name tattooed right above his penis.

Fortunately, there was no visual.

Now, while I’m totally aware that Tori and Dean are trying to work out their marital issues and their financial woes as well with this reality television show, enough is enough. Tori and Dean have to think about their four children who one day will read these headlines on the Internet and will be mocked endlessly by their peers at school.

Tori has definitely taken things up to a Kardashian level with her TMI revelations, and this is one we definitely didn’t need to hear. What’s next for Tori and Dean, a sex tape?

If they want to work on healing their marriage properly, they should consider doing so privately because at this rate, they are only doing more damage to their family than repairs. But then again, there has also been speculation that Dean’s mistress Emily Goodhand and cheating allegations have been fabricated by the couple for publicity. If that is the case, then we shouldn’t be surprised ... just appalled.

The worst part of the tattoo is that it didn't even serve its purpose. Presumably it was a symbol of commitment, but as Tori pointed out, just months after the inking, he cheated on her. That definitely adds bit of insult to the overall injury.

Do you think they're going to regret all of this oversharing?


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