Kailyn Lowry Shares Exciting News About Her Growing Family

Kailyn Lowry, Javi MarroquinIt's a whole new world for Kailyn Lowry! After growing up an only child of a single, dysfunctional mother, Kail never really got to experience the big family thing. That certainly changed when she married Javi Marroquin. It's taken some adjustment, but the Teen Mom 2 star has embraced her extensive extended family, and they love her back just as much.

Which is great news for her sons Isaac and Lincoln especially, because it means lots and lots of cousins to play with and call family. They can add one more to the bunch, because Kail's sister-in-law just gave birth to another Marroquin baby boy!


Kailyn posted the news to Twitter that she's an aunt again and was obviously excited.

I love how she says "my sister"; it just shows how closely the Marroquin wives have bonded, because this new little one was born to Javi's brother Sal and his wife! This is obviously a tight-knit group.

Javi also tweeted the news, along with the news that he's going to be more than just an uncle to his new nephew.

Sal's photomontage on Instagram reveals a few details about his new son, who appears to be going by Lil' Sal until further notice. He was born healthy in the wee hours of May 27, and dad couldn't be happier. He posted, "This morning at 0119 my world changed forever. There is no way to describe the rush of emotions that take over your body. It's an incredible feeling to know that Chase and little Sal rely on me to protect them from this world. I promise you both I won't let you down. Daddy loves you!!!"

And our hearts all melted into a puddle.

Do you come from a big family or did you marry into one?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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