Jenelle Evans Doesn't Deserve Nathan's Nasty Comment About Her Weight

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

Dude. If there is ever a time in a woman's life when you shouldn't make a negative comment in reference to her weight, it's during pregnancy for sure.

I mean, we already feel fat and un-sexy enough as it is without our significant other reminding us we're a hell of a lot bigger than normal. And that's why it's hard not to feel really bad for Jenelle Evans, who was called out by Nathan Griffith for indulging a little during her last trimester.

Even if he was simply making an innocent joke, it still had to sting a little bit on her part.


Nathan shared this photo on Twitter, along with the caption, "Me: really?! Jenelle: what I'm hungry baby. Me: well eating like that kaiser just gonna jump right out of you!"


OMG. Did he seriously take a jab at her weight because she had a cookie or two?

First of all, Jenelle is still teeny-tiny and clearly hasn't put on too many pounds at all during her pregnancy. And second -- this is the one time in her life when Jenelle shouldn't have to worry about what she eats, so Nathan has no business saying anything about it!

Again, I'm sure he was kidding and all, but Nathan should probably refrain from commenting on anything Jenelle puts in her mouth for the remainder of her pregnancy.

OMG. Get your head out of the gutter -- that's not what I meant.

Did your man ever give you a hard time about what you ate during pregnancy?


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