'Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman Makes It Extremely Obvious Who She Picks

who does andi dorfman pick?If you're like me, you've officially centered your life around Monday nights so you can watch Andi Dorfman fall in love on The Bachelorette. I've made it a point to not read any spoilers this season so I can judge Andi with a clear and logical mind. But unfortunately, Dorfman's ruined it for me.

In her latest blog post, she made it a little too obvious who she's in love with, and I was like, Andi, stahhhpppp.

Potential spoilers ahead, so beware. I wish I was warned ahead of time, too.


She said:

My date with Chris was so refreshing. After that group date, I really needed Chris to come in and sweep me off my feet, and he really did. I loved getting all dolled up with him for that date. I thought we looked like a very cute couple.

Jeez, did you buy a wedding dress yet or what? Seriously, you guys. If you compare this to how she talked about the other men in her blog, there's no comparison. Unless of course you're nervous that she'll fall for Josh M. who was totally pretending to be smitten by her during their awkward encounter. She referred to him as "nervous" and "adorable." (He put his entire hand on her face! Who does he think he is, Juan Pablo?)

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So there you have it, kids. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Chris Soules is Andi's man-candy. And the only reason I'm on board with this is because hopefully that means Marcus Grodd will be the next Bachelor.

Do you think Andi chooses Chris in the end? If not, who are you rooting for?

Image via AndiDorfman/Twitter

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