Andi Dorfman Shares New Photo of Eric Hill That Captures His Spirit Perfectly

Andi DorfmanAndi Dorfman, along with the whole Bachelorette crew, has done a fantastic job so far handling the death of contestant Eric Hill. Even though the cast member had already been eliminated, he died while the show was still filming after being involved in a paragliding accident. 

Producers dedicated this season of The Bachelorette to Eric, and they opted to keep his footage in. On this week's episode, he won the first date with Andi, and they went all the way from the beach to snowboarding! Though she eliminated him, it's obvious Eric left quite an impression on Andi. After the episode aired, she Instagrammed a great pic of Eric that really shows his life-is-for-living personality.


Andi captioned the awesome photo, “A date to remember with a guy I won't forget! Love this pic. Next time you're on a beach try a backflip (why not)! #LiveLikeEric #thebachelorette"

Eric Hill

Oh my gosh, this guy was obviously taken from us too young. He clearly never took a moment for granted. Who does back-flips on the beach for the heck of it? The same kind of guy who was on a mission to chronicle his journey to visit every United Nations recognized country in the world in 1,200 days. He was already 50 in on what he was calling his Global Odyssey.

Some people just like to live the hell out of life, and Eric was unquestionably one of them. Go on a dating show to try to find love? Sure! Document an epic adventure to visit every country in the world? Why not! Let's throw in a little back flip on the beach to try to impress the girl, just because.

Eric seems like a guy who lived his life unapologetically. Even though he's gone, we can all still learn from him.

Does Eric's story make you want to go out do something you've been scared to try?


Image via ABC

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