Maci Bookout's Long Distance Relationship Finally Comes to an End

Maci BookoutYou guys! Remember last week when we got a bad case of the sadz, because we thought Maci Bookout's boyfriend Taylor McKinney may have left her for good? The Teen Mom 2 star had posted a mysterious tweet saying nothing but, "men & mascara always run."

We were so hopeful that Maci was pulling a fast one on us and that Taylor was actually running from his home state of Texas to be with his girlfriend of a year and a half in Tennessee, where she lives and shares custody of her son Bentley. It's confirmed! Taylor is making the move and killing this long-distance relationship for good.


Maci took to Twitter once again to share the joyous news.


Squeeee! Maci's been miffed at the long-distance thing for awhile, calling "bullshit" more than a year ago, when these lovebirds had only been dating for a few short months. I bet they're both over the moon happy!

It seems like the perfect timing too. It may have been rough to be apart for that year and a half, but if you're going to move halfway across the country for a person, you want to be sure before you pick up your roots and take the plunge. Doing it too soon is a gamble, because even though it might work out, chances are it won't, and then where will you be? Lonely in a strange city, that's where!

But there comes a point where you either have to fish or cut bait. After a year and a half of blissful togetherness, it's just the right time for Taylor to make the move, and we couldn't be happier for Maci!

Let's hope these two like each other just as much as ever once they're neighbors (roommates?), because we can't wait to see Taylor put a ring on it. Plus, we need more adorable selfies of this couple and lots more videos of Taylor being super sweet with Maci's 5-year-old son Bentley.

Do you think Taylor's making a smart move to be near Maci?


Image via Maci Bookout/Instagram

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