'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Sonja Morgan Finally Lets the Tears Flow About Her Ex

sonja morgan milouTuesday's episode of RHONY was just ... weird. And random. And like they didn't have an actual storyline planned for this week, so they just threw a bunch of crap together. Highlights include a positively revolting sex discussion Aviva Drescher had with her father, George, about installing mirrors on the ceiling (if you didn't see it, consider yourself lucky); Kristen Taekman's husband, Josh, being a dick while she was shooting a workout video -- heckling her from the sidelines and whatnot (not cool, Josh!); Carole Radziwill interviewing a bunch of unqualified potential assistant candidates; and of course the funeral of Milou, Sonja Morgan's beloved late dog.


Despite the fact that we're all dog lovers here (right???), the idea of Sonja's elaborate dog funeral sounded a bit ridiculous at first -- and okay, it was ridiculous. But the more we learned about Sonja's relationship with her dog, the more it made sense. Milou was so much more than a pet to Sonja. He represented a specific time in Sonja's life; a time when she felt secure and happy and loved. The little guy was with her during many a gay trip to Saint Tropez. He was around before the birth of her daughter. And he was there during the halcyon days of her marriage. Milou was Sonja when she was her happiest. So it made sense that she had such a tough time with his death, and it was only right that he had a funeral fit for a dog king, complete with a Swami priestess. Okay, maybe not, but come on, people, the little pooch deserved some kind of service.

Overall, this episode was pretty snooze-worthy, if you ask me, but it definitely made me cuddle my dog a little bit more than usual, so I guess there's that. I've got high hopes for next week's episode when Sonja screams in Kristen's face for something that I'm sure is super important. That's why we watch RHONY, amiright?

What did you think of tonight's episode?


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