'I Wanna Marry 'Harry'' Recap: Fake Prince Slowly Reveals His Identity

i wanna marry harry matt and rose

After last week's underwhelming premiere, I Wanna Marry 'Harry' could really only go up. And with the ladies competing for a man of fame, wealth, and status, the stakes got even higher.

For whatever reason, or by the sheer magic of Ryan Seacrest, the women are still not highly suspicious of the entire concept of the show. Or of the fact that they're seemingly dating Prince Harry. So much so that they even laugh about it: "I don't see how they'd let a bunch of crazy American girls around Prince Harry," said Kimberly. Yet, like all the other ladies, she stayed and didn't question further.


Tonight, Rose, as the winner of last week's crown suite, was awarded the first one-on-one date of the season. Together, they ate breakfast in her suite, took a helicopter ride to a private bay where they lunched, then frolicked together in their bathing suits. And for the grand finale: Matt (the fake ginger, Prince of Wales lookalike) and Rose smooched while splashing through the waters. How romantic.

But as awkward as his wooing was, his trivia was on-point. He expertly dropped several facts about his "identity" and revealed that he is in the military, close with his brother, and mistakenly uttered that the date of a royal must be treated well. Smooth, Matt, smooth.

After the shot-for-shot remake of The Bachelor, they headed back to the castle, where the remaining 10 girls were eagerly waiting for their time with the prince. And boy did they greet him well. And by well, I mean that one girl grabbed his bum. Somewhere, the Queen is shaking her head. Just kidding, QE2 has no time for such frivolities.

But in the middle of his conversation with one of the ladies, the production/Secret Service team surprisingly swooped Harry away for an emergency security breach. And the ladies bought it. Hook, line, and sinker.

Fortunately, that wasn't the end of the ladies' interactions with the royal. Later that day, they played cricket with the dude, who proclaimed that he's really looking for a sporty lady. Unfortunately, the girls' athletic skills were just as bad as their table manners, which were on poor display at dinner. They couldn't quite play cricket, and they really didn't know which fork to use when.

Ultimately, Kingsley (IWMH's version of Chris Harrison) swooped in and announced that "Sir" had a decision to make. And quickly, he let poor Andrea go home. For his new leading lady, Matt chose Kimberly, who will now move into the crown suite.

Even as the prince was finishing up for the night in his own suite, the ladies were still going with their own party downstairs. A couple glasses of wine and plenty of tears later, the cat-fights began and war is on between Jacqueline/Maggie and Meghan/Anna Lisa. But we'll have to wait for that finale next week!

Do you think Matt/"Prince Harry" sent the right lady home? Would you have been fooled by the show?


Image via Chris Raphael/FOX

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