Chelsea Houska's Shocking Plans for Aubree Are Bad News for Adam Lind

Chelsea Houska Aubree

Now that Adam Lind has been arrested again, it shouldn't come as any big surprise that Chelsea Houska wants her custody arrangement changed, which should create more tension than ever between the two of them.

If you can recall, Adam was busted for driving with a revoked driver's license, and apparently Chelsea hasn't spoken with him since he was released from jail. However, a source told RadarOnline, "Chelsea and Adam are going to have to go back to the lawyers and stuff for sure to figure out a new agreement. Chelsea hasn't talked to her attorney yet, but she is going to set up a meeting within the next week or so."


Um, can you blame her? How many times does this dude have to prove that he doesn't have the slightest concept as far as what responsibility is before she opts to try and take Aubree away from him for good?

I mean, how is Chelsea ever supposed to be comfortable with leaving Aubree with Adam on his visitation weekends if he can't even manage to refrain from driving -- something he knows he isn't supposed to be doing? What if he were to take Aubree out in the car with him and something happened?

All I know is that Chelsea seems like such a wonderful mother. If I were her, I'd make sure whatever adjustments are made to the custody agreement are very strict -- to the point where she never has to lay awake at night worrying about her little girl's safety.

Ugh. I can't even begin to imagine just how stressed out she is right now. It must be unbearable to hand Aubree over to Adam for one minute, let alone weekends at a time.

Hopefully for Chelsea's sake, the judge will take her side and she'll get whatever she wants out of this new custody agreement. She certainly deserves it.

Do you think Chelsea should try and take Aubree away from Adam?


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