Andi Dorfman & Chris Harrison Can't Keep Their Hands Off Each Other (PHOTO)

Andi Dorfman Chris Harrison

It will be several weeks before we know if Andi Dorfman found true love as The Bachelorette, but if she didn't? Well, there may be a fairly decent reason why.

And no, I'm not referring to the fact that she seems to have somewhat of a hate for men in general -- though it will surprise exactly no one if Andi walks away from the final rose ceremony a single woman.

But could it be that Andi has her eyes on a much bigger prize than one of the 25 men on her season? Maybe. Get a load of this photo of Andi and Chris Harrison goofing off and looking pretty darn cozy together, if you ask me.


Andi Dorfman Chris Harrison

What the heck? Um, don't they look like they've been caught in a compromising position, or like they're about to make out, or something?

Seriously ... they're all up in each other's biz. And while this probably wouldn't be a huge deal if they were simply good pals, the fact that Chris is the host of The Bachelorette and Andi's the leading lady just seems a bit on the odd side as far as how comfortable they look together.

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And honestly, would you really put it past Andi to make a play for Chris as opposed to some other random guy? He's definitely a huge catch, and he speaks perfect English, which is a total plus.

Hmm. Maybe I'm reading way too much into this particular photo. But if Andi doesn't have a ring on her finger at the end of her season, somehow I'm guessing the "After the Final Rose" special could prove to be quite interesting.

Do you think Andi has the hots for Chris?


Images via ABC/Twitter

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