'Bachelorette' Recap: Andi Makes Herself Look Like a Total Hypocrite

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I'm sorry, but so far, this has to be about the most boring season of The Bachelorette ... like EVER. OMG, people -- I'm seriously having the hardest time believing that Andi Dorfman is genuine, because her "I'm such a bad ass" attitude just keeps crumbling by the minute.

Ok, so her date with Eric Hill definitely kicked the night off on a positive yet very bittersweet note. Andi seemed legitimately interested and intrigued by him, which is nothing short of painful, given his tragic passing a few weeks ago.

But after Eric's date, things really went downhill as far as the rest of the episode goes. And I'm not even talking about Craig getting stupid kinds of drunk. (That was actually kinda funny.)


Nope. I'm referring to the fact that Andi clearly has an annoying habit that she just can't shake. It's the exact same thing she called Juan Pablo Galavis out for on his season of The Bachelor.

OMG. I swear if Andi says, "Stop!" one more time, I might have to stop watching the show out of sheer frustration. And I'm sure she attributes her overuse of the word to something she says when she's nervous -- which is exactly what she loathed Juan Pablo for! She freaked out when he said, "Ees ok ..." over and over again -- but doesn't she realize that her saying "stop" is the same damn thing?

It's almost like she's eating her words now that she's the one in the spotlight who is forced to fill in the awkward pauses, which has to serve as a major reality check.

Huh. I wonder if she has any remorse now for how she treated Juan Pablo in the end? Something tells me if she had to go back and have that infamous conversation with him all over again, she'd probably refrain from the part where she made fun of his trademark phrase.

And honestly, "Ees ok" is a whole hell of a lot less annoying than, "Staaaahhhhppppppp!" if you ask me -- and we're only two episodes in! (It's gonna be a long season, people.)

Do you like Andi as The Bachelorette so far?


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