​Tyler Baltierra's Bittersweet Confession Should Concern Catelynn Lowell

Tyler BaltierraTyler Balterria is arguably the sweetest man evah to come out of reality TV. He's forever disgusting us with his undying love for Catelynn Lowell, and by disgusting us, I mean making our hearts melt into puddles of goo. Seriously, these two are just so sweet and perfect together it's ridiculous.

Not only are they sickeningly in love, Ty and Catelynn are adorable in every way. Catelynn is a beautiful young woman, and Tyler has ... well he's filled out, as they say. When we met him back on 16 & Pregnant, when he and Catelynn made the decision to give their daughter Carly to adoptive parents Teresa and Brandon to raise, he was a gangly teenage boy.

Now he's 22 and still has the same adorable smile, but now he has abs for days. And his eyes. Dem eyes. Anyway, Tyler is one good-looking dude, but unfortunately he doesn't seem to see it.


The Teen Mom star recently took to social media to air his insecurities about his body and his smile, and we're just heartbroken over what he had to say.

Ectomorph basically means being skinny. Which sounds like a good problem to have, too me, but I'm too busy eating pie to really contemplate it.

And then he posted that photo above to Instagram with the caption, "Is it just me or do I look weird as hell smiling lol!? Oh well I have a lot to be happy about. But to be honest, nothing makes me happier than having a beautiful, strong, & nurturing fiance that I have been blessed with. I LOVE YOU CATELYNN LOWELL! #ThatsTheFaceWhen #IThinkOfHer"

Arghh!! So freaking sweet. And that smile is awesome, no matter how insecure Tyler feels about it. Ty and Catelynn are planning for baby number two right now, so I'm thinking it's about time to conquer those insecurities and get some self-confidence. Kids need good examples, after all.

Why do you think Ty is so insecure about his looks?


Image via Tyler Baltierra/Instagram

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