Chelsea Houska's Latest Career Move Proves She Means Business (PHOTO)

chelsea houskaSuper sweet Teen Mom Chelsea Houska worked really hard to fit it all in and graduate from aesthetician school and land a job at a high-end salon. Good for her! That's a serious accomplishment and I love that she followed her dreams and made it happen.

Now she has taken those dreams one step further and did what many new business people do. And of course, Chelsea did it with style.


She has business cards!

And I have to say, they look awesome! I love the black and gold, and the way it is designed with simple stripes reminds me a little bit of being in a Sephora store, which is the mecca of cosmetics and makes total sense since Chels is all about beauty and skin care. Quite a fine little subliminal reference perhaps?

Also, let's note the simplicity of it. Her name and job. The back of the card, I assume, has her digits. Excellent business card choice. I also have to mention the backdrop she chose for this photo. Love that pale lavender pink nail polish, Chels, but that bag ... Michael Kors. Fancy! All the best to you, Chelsea!

What do you think of Chelsea's business cards?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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