​Maci Bookout's Concerning Tweet Might Mean Taylor McKinney Left Her for Good

Maci BookoutThis is part where we all bite our nails and hope -- hope! -- that Maci Bookout isn't breaking our hearts by breaking up with her boyfriend of a year and a half, Taylor McKinney. Bentley's mom tweeted a cryptic message on Thursday on the nature of men, and it just can't have anything to do with our beloved bearded Texan!

Maci has had some seriously bad luck in love -- remember Kyle Regal, Kyle King, and baby daddy Ryan Edwards? We thought she had found true happiness at last with Taylor. We even thought they might be getting engaged soon! If this is true, then our hearts are breaking right alongside Ms. Maci's.


Taylor McKinney, you better not have run away from the perfection known as Maci Bookout!

Seriously, if they're breaking up, it's coming completely out of left field. Less than two weeks ago, she was Instagramming adorable selfies of them together, saying how much she loooooves him. Who does that if they're in a rocky relationship?

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Maybe she's being coy and Taylor is actually running toward her. We know how much she hates the fact that they're in a long-distance relationship. She's basically stuck in Tennessee since she shares custody of her son Bentley with ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards, and Taylor is based in Dallas. I like this theory. I like it a lot. This is not denial, people!

It's just that ... they're so cute together! And she seems so happy! He even got her Miley Cyrus tickets for Valentine's Day. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

Do you think Maci and Taylor are breaking up?


Image via Maci Bookout/Instagram

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