'The Challenge: Free Agents' Recap: Johnny Bananas & Jordan Face Off

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It's been building all season. Jordan and Johnny Bananas have made it very clear they don't like each other. And on tonight's episode of The Challenge: Free Agents, their rivalry took center stage.

When the cast convened for their seventh challenge, they once again fought as individuals for the winning spot. This time, they were competing in "Sausage Party," where they had to be saran-wrapped like sausages and then roll though sand, over a grill, through tomatoes, grass, and rocks, and onto a foam bun.


Split up into two groups (men and women), the cast competed to be the first sausage to reach their patty. The last three people would automatically go in the draw. The rest would all be eligible to be voted in by the winner. So as the girls all decisively lost to Laurel, the men took a different strategy. Leroy and Jordan didn't move from the starting line, choosing instead to take their chances in the draw rather than be up for a vote by the winner, who was ultimately Johnny.

But this episode, it seemed pretty clear from the beginning who the winners were going to target. Although she tried to talk her way out of the duel, Aneesa was chosen by Laurel, and in no surprise, Jordan's BFF Johnny chose Bananas to make his second appearance in the elimination.

Then the real surprises started. Bananas has made his feelings about Jordan fairly clear: "He's one of the most pompous overachievers I've ever met in my life." And in Bananas fashion, he may have been completely right. Remember a few episodes ago when Jordan vowed to take Bananas out in the elimination? Well, he remembered his promise.

So much so that when it came time to draw the deciding card in tonight's elimination, Jordan flipped all three cards until he found the kill card, ensuring his place in the duel against Bananas. Bold move, man.

For the ladies, lucky Jonna found the skull-and-crossbones card and had to face Aneesa. And tonight, the challenge was the dreaded "Wrecking Wall," where players had to punch and climb their way up a drywall to reach a bell at the top.

Though she had played the same game before, Aneesa easily took out the weaker Jonna and sent her home. And finally, we had the duel we've been waiting for all season. As Bananas and Jordan suited up for their ultimate competition, the trash talking continued.

TJ Lavin blew the horn and the two quickly ascended up the wall. But a few quick moves later and a slip in grip, Jordan went barrelling allllllllll the way down the wall. Just as Bananas scaled the final few feet and rang the bell. Game. Over.

But never one to admit defeat, Jordan went out claiming that his pride was worth the $125,000. Was it, really? Was it? Somehow, I doubt that. Somehow Bananas' statement rings much more true: that will "haunt your dreams." Laters!

What do you think of Jordan's move?


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