Jenelle Evans Looks Hotter Than Ever With New ‘Beachy’ Hair (PHOTO)

jenelle evansJenelle Evans has been accused of doing many things the wrong way. So many, many things. But there's one thing she's definitely doing right, and she just posted an Instagram proving it. Take a look at Jenelle's perfect beachy hair! She's in the last stages of pregnancy and facing down the late-summer heat, but she's not letting either stop her. Over her fun, sunflower-print top, her auburn locks are rocking the official hairdo of summer. And it looks great on her.


Jenelle doesn't say how she did this, but I'm thinking she probably used a flat iron to get those waves, and then some sort of product to make them fall just right. I like the way it all curls away from her face -- that helps the 'do from looking too messy, as can often happen when you attempt this hairstyle.

I love how she compliments her skills, though. "Amazing" -- if she does say so herself! Where is the #NailedIt hash tag? I mean, I'd be proud, too, if I pulled off successful beachy waves. That style is harder to create than it looks, unless you have nothing to do all day but your hair.

Of course Jenelle has a lot to do, juggling Jace and school and pregnancy and everything else she's up to. Although ... doing her hair and taking selfies is kind of her job. Know what I mean? Job well done, Jenelle! And now we're all inspired to get on our own beachy waves game, too.

How long do you think Jenelle spent perfecting this look?


Images via Instagram

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