Jenelle Evans Slams Her Exes for Something She’s Guilty Of Herself

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans seems happier than ever with boyfriend Nathan Griffith. They've been together a whole year and are expecting baby Kaiser sometime next month. And what's the best hallmark of a good relationship? Being able to trash talk your exes (and mean it), of course!

The Teen Mom 2 star recently reflected on what went so very wrong in her past relationships with ex-boyfriends Gary Head and Kieffer Delp and especially ex-husband Courtland Rogers. The once dubbed The Worst Mom on TV thinks her exes are "immature."


Jenelle recently tweeted this lovey-dove-dove note about her current flame and baby daddy Nathan and why their relationship is healthier than any one she's been in before:

She also told, "Well, previous relationships I’ve had on the show haven't really been steady, they’ve been on and off ... and finally I met Nathan. We’ve just been going steady from day one.”

Jenelle went on to say, “I mean, we’ve had rough patches in the past, of course, but you know we’re past them now. I just think we just understand that we want a future together. My other exes -- I think they're just too immature and wanting to party so much. They just didn’t want to settle down, and Nathan does."

Yeah, that was the only thing wrong with those relationships. They were immature. Well, at least Jenelle was totally accurate on one point -- they were definitely unstable.

Like remember the time Gary Head allegedly tried to strangle her with a bed sheet, and she was granted a restraining order? Or Kieffer Delp, the guy who helped her break into a house and then left her there for the cops to find, not to mention leaking nekkid pics of her online.

Then there's Courtland Rogers, known felon and addict, who not only somehow got Jenelle to marry him, but also got her arrested for cocaine. This is the one who Jenelle admits hurt her more than any guy ever had before.

Oyza. Jenelle must really be in a good place if she can look back at those scumbags and just call them immature.

Who do you think is Jenelle's worst ex?


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