Chelsea Houska Sounds Desperate for the One Thing She Doesn't Have

Chelsea Houska

She has an adorable kid, her own home, and a great career, but it's obvious that there's something major missing from Chelsea Houska's life -- and she wants it BAD.

Duh. I'm talking about a relationship. Earlier this week, Chelsea said she wants to be on a dating show, which pretty much confirmed that the boyfriend she was rumored to have is most likely out of the picture for good. And then just last night, Chelsea shared a link to a YouTube video of a dude lip-syncing with his daughter and added, "I want a goofball guy like this."


Um, could she be any more obvious about the fact that she's on a man hunt right now?

I know the single life can be kind of a drag sometimes, especially for someone her age -- but she really seems to be a bit preoccupied with finding a boyfriend. And while it's totally understandable that she wants someone to share her life with, she's only making the process harder by being so obvious and trying to force it rather than sitting back and letting love find its way to her.

Let's face it -- the best relationships usually come along when we're not actively looking for them. Chelsea has a much better chance of finding true love if it enters into her life organically and when she least expects it versus putting "ads" out there on social media!

She's such a great catch and she needs to realize that any guy would be lucky to have her -- not the other way around!

(Hang in there, Chel -- your Prince Charming is out there somewhere.)

Do you think Chelsea sounds desperate for a man?


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