‘Teen Mom’ Star Adam Lind Doesn’t Pay the Price After Weekend Arrest

Adam LindAdam Lind was arrested again this week for driving with a revoked license. Chelsea Houska's baby daddy just doesn't seem to think the rules of the road apply to him, so he does things like drink and drive (he has three DUIs under his belt), drive recklessly, drive without insurance, drive without a license, crash into old people ... dude should not be behind the wheel.

Supposedly, Adam was also booked and held without bond for violating his parole. Starcasm reported that the Teen Mom 2 star was put on a "Court Services Probation Hold" and even reported a source saying he may have trouble getting another work release permit after having lost his job a few weeks ago.


It looks like Adam has been released though and reunited with on-again-off-again girlfriend and second baby mama Taylor Halbur and their daughter Paislee. He Instagrammed a picture of the happy little family a couple of days ago, which means his jail stay was not long. He captioned it, "Movie time :-)"

And on Wednesday, the questionably juiced reality star hit the gym for some weight-training. No word on if he drove himself there or not. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that he did.

Because this narcissist just seems to flit in and out of people's lives, not giving a flying you-know-what about the damage he inflicts. Goes to jail for violating parole, gets out and has a movie night with his ex-girlfriend who keeps taking him back for some reason.

Cheats on Taylor, she takes him back. No consequences! Gah. How can you expect people to change their ways if you keep letting them get away with their bad behavior?

I think the smartest thing Chels ever did was get rid of this guy. He may provide the DNA for some very cute munchkins, but he's the guy who will never change. I mean, why should he? He seems to be doing just fine.

Do you think guys like Adam Lind ever change their ways?


Image via Adam Lind/Instagram

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