Jenelle Evans Might Be Lying to Fans About Baby Kaiser

Jenelle Evans

Hold up. Am I the only one who thought Jenelle Evans' due date was June 29? If that's the case, then she's only in her eighth month of pregnancy and still has a few more weeks to go before baby Kaiser shows up.

And based on how much she's been going to the beach, socializing, and relaxing, it appears as though everything has been going along famously in regards to her pregnancy. So I'm totally confused after seeing an odd tweet she posted last night.

Read it yourself and see if it makes you go, "Hmm ..."


Um, what the what?!? What the heck does she mean by, "in case Kaiser decides to come"?

If she's being serious and she has some sort of hunch that Kaiser will be born any day now, then one of two things is going on here.

Either he's expected to be born a month premature for some reason, which is incredibly concerning -- or she hasn't exactly been truthful about her due date in an effort to allow herself a bit more privacy around the birth.

Somehow the latter makes sense, simply because I imagine Jenelle and Nathan Griffith will want a bit of time to themselves to adjust to having a newborn in the house after Kaiser arrives. Plus, surprising everyone with the news of an early birth seems like something Jenelle would get a kick out of, like she managed to fool us all or something.

For the sake of that sweet baby, I hope nothing is wrong and Jenelle's tweet isn't any sort of cause for alarm. Babies showing up early isn't always a bad thing, but it's definitely ideal for Kaiser to stay put for as long as possible.

Do you think Jenelle is hiding something from us?


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