Wheel of Fury? Pat Sajak Goes on Bizarre Global Warming Rant

Wheel of FortuneWheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak bought himself more than a letter this week after going on a rather bizarre Twitter rant on Tuesday against "global warming alarmists."

He used some rather choice words that we normally wouldn’t see on his family-friendly game show.

The television host tweeted: “I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night.”

Um, what?


While it’s still unclear as to what provoked Sajak’s rather uncharacteristic tweet, there’s speculation that it might have to do with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announcing that temperatures last month have tied the warmest on record.

This isn't the first time that Sajak has taken to social media to express how he really feels about climate change either. Earlier this month, he tweeted: “Very hot weather: We’re all going to die! Very cold weather: There’s a difference between climate & weather, moron!”

Now, I’ve been watching Wheel of Fortune since I was in kindergarten and never do I remember Pat Sajak calling one of his contestants a “moron” or anything like that. Pat has so far gotten quite the social media backlash with many saying that he’s gone off the deep end and that he shouldn’t be using Twitter to rant about his political views.

And while I love solving a phrase or two with limited characters, I’ll agree that Pat Sajak should stick to doing what he does best for now. I applaud him for being passionate about topics that surround climate change, but he shouldn’t be going the Alec Baldwin route with the name-calling. The public can be forgiving, but not that forgiving, and this totally goes against the goofy, charming image he's built over the years.

On Wednesday morning, Sajak did a little damage control, explaining in a statement that he was just being “snarky”.

Of course I was joking. Just mocking the name-calling that is directed at global warming skeptics within and without the scientific community. 

Clearly not a lot of people got that "joke."

What do you think of Pat Sajack's odd rant?

Image via Wheel of Fortune/Instagram

Written for The Stir by Joanna Richardson

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