Chris Bukowski Admits His ‘Bachelorette’ Crashing Was Scripted

chris  bukowskiBusted! If you tuned into Monday's The Bachelorette premiere, there was one major surprise of the night: seeing season 8 contestant Chris Bukowski try to crash the party. He basically begged to be let in to see Andi Dorfman, even refusing to leave. It was pretty pathetic. But all was not as it seemed, according to Chris. He tells what really happened that night.


It was all an act. "They made it seem like they didn't know I was coming, but they knew," he told TMZ.

That's a major bombshell for fans who watched in horror as he desperately tried to make his way past security. Staff and producers made it look like he was an uninvited and unwelcome guest. If this is something he had actually worked out with them beforehand, I can see why he's blabbing now. He was made to look like a total loser. He apparently tried to be an official contestant again but got his application in too late. That is when he hatched this plan along with execs for the show.

During the show, he went on and on about how he's been waiting out there for seven days and that he just had to meet her, talk to her. Chris also told TMZ that producers even suggested he bring a bouquet of roses as a romantic touch -- which of course he did. But instead of looking like the perfect potential husband for Andi, he came off like a creepy stalker. Poor guy.

In case you missed Chris' attempt to get to Andi, check it out below:

Do you think Chris is telling the truth about the set-up or is he just trying to save face after making a fool of himself?


Image via ABC

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