Jessica Chastain in ‘True Detective 2’ Is the Perfect Choice

jessica chastainTrue Detective fans, gather 'round. It's been awhile, how are ya? After watching what was an amazing first season involving a seriously sick, twisted serial killer starring oddball pair Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, mostly everyone tuning in knew that season 2 would start with a completely blank slate. New characters, new crimes, new location, new time period. That's bittersweet news because fans just want more and more and more of the tale between Detective Rust Cohle and Detective Marty Hart, and eight episodes weren't enough! Great television like this is the only reason we're all not "walk[ing] hand in hand into extinction" after all, am I right?!

But now it seems that HBO has made the very curious yet awesome decision to offer the lead role of True Detective 2 to none other than ... the gorgeous Jessica Chastain. That's right, a woman! (Duh.) What a way to mix things up, and it's the perfect starting point for all of us to start freaking out over the next season.


Best known for her roles in Zero Dark Thirty (for which she was nominated for an Oscar) and The Help, let's hope Jessica says yes to the part -- and why wouldn't she? The roles on the first season of True Detective really brought out how truly skilled Woody and Matthew are. Jessica has already proven herself a talent, and appearing on this show would only highlight the depth of what she has to offer. Come on, those Rust Cohle rants/tangents still blow my mind to this day. He thought he was mainlining the secret truth of the universe, people!

Anyway, ahem, the creator of the series, Nic Pizzolatto, also may have felt some of the backlash about how the first season treated its female characters. From prostitutes to mistresses to miserable wives, pretty much every female embodied a cliche and existed only as a reflection of what was going on between the two lead male characters. Of course, this is nothing new for mainstream television shows, but giving Chastain the chance to prove that a woman can be the star in a gritty, strange show like this would be amazing to watch. As Nic teased about season 2, "Okay. This is really early, but I'll tell you [it's about] hard women, bad men, and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system."

Occult history of the US transportation system? So this could be a joke, but still, I can't be the only one excited to see what happens with a female taking on a lead role. We're definitely assuming that she'll play a detective, but who knows? It would be even more mind-blowing to have a female serial killer on the show as well.

Please accept, Jessica!

Do you think Jessica Chastain would be a good choice for the lead in True Detective 2? Why or why not?


Image via Georges Biard/Wikimedia

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