Chelsea Houska's New Weight Loss Plan Is Bound to Make Her Hotter Than Ever

Chelsea Houska

She's already in pretty amazing shape due to sticking to a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine, but wait until you hear about Chelsea Houska's latest plan to achieve the most bangin' body she's ever had.

No, she's not doing anything crazy or extreme like a lemon juice and cayenne pepper cleanse or engaging in multiple workouts a day. But she is stepping out of her comfort zone in an effort to firm up even more, as is evident from this tweet she posted last night.


Yep. Chelsea has officially hopped on the CrossFit bandwagon. Gah. Am I the only person on the face of the Earth who isn't doing CrossFit at this point? (Apparently yes.)

From what I've heard, it's quite the grueling workout, so her comment about being sore will probably prove to be a huge understatement. But considering how committed she's been to her weight loss journey thus far, it isn't at all surprising that Chelsea wanted to try something new to keep her body guessing so she doesn't hit a dreaded plateau.

Sometimes pushing ourselves to the ultimate limit is the only way to shed those last few pesky pounds -- not that Chelsea actually needs the number on the scale to drop any lower.

But after a few weeks of CrossFit? We can probably anticipate some seriously hot selfies coming to her Instagram account. Something tells me she won't be the least bit shy about showing off her incredible results.

Have you tried CrossFit?


Image via Instagram

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