'Dancing With the Stars' Finale Recap: Season 18 Winner Brings SERIOUS Tears

DWTS cast members

Good grief. Could the season finale of Dancing With the Stars have possibly been any more emotional? I swear I was in tears within the first few minutes or so, what with how incredible all of the finalists' journeys have been thus far.

And usually by the last night, everyone has a clear favorite in their minds as far as who they hope winds up taking home the mirror ball trophy.

But tonight? Between Meryl Davis, Amy Purdy, and Candace Cameron Bure, it was hard to single one of them out as the clear winner of the competition. All of them brought something different to the table.


Meryl is ridiculously talented and the chemistry she has with Maksim Chmerkovskiy is simply undeniable. (Seriously, if they don't wind up dating, I'm giving up on love altogether. For reals.)

And Amy makes us realize that anything is possible if we put our minds to it. She also teaches us to embrace our limitations and not let them hold us back in our lives.

And Candace? Well, she is living proof that the whole mind over matter thing is 100 percent true. She's helped us remember that we have to believe in ourselves and in our full potential.

But since this was the finale, someone had to win DWTS -- and OMG how psyched are you that Meryl and Maks officially earned the mirror ball trophy? I can't lie ... right before the results were announced, I seriously couldn't breathe. As much as I adored and was totally inspired by Amy Purdy, something about the bond between Meryl and Maks had me rooting for them all along. What they have simply can't be explained, and it only comes along once in a lifetime. Again -- there HAS to be more going on there than a mere partnership or friendship. And if there isn't? Honestly, I don't even want to consider that possibility.

Are you happy that Meryl and Maks won DWTS?


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