'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Kristen Taekman Refuses Ramona Singer's Apology

ramona singerBefore we get into the real drama of tonight's episode of RHONY, can we take a moment to acknowledge the weirdness that was Heather Thomson meeting Kristen Taekman and her son at Central Park, and asking Kristen's son for a bite of his ice cream cone? I mean, having a few licks of your kid's cone is one thing, but a friend's kid? A friend's kid who you're not super close with? Kind of odd if you ask me. But whatever. Maybe it's a rich person thing.

Okay, the drams.


The girls decided to confront Ramona Singer after she left them in the Berkshires to go to Molly Sims' party in the Hamptons. At first, Ramona got super ramoshional, denying everything and freaking out, as she's wont to do. But the ladies had the genius idea of boxing Ramona into the booth they were sitting in, so she couldn't pull her classic bolt-in-the-middle-of-a-confrontation move. After being forced to sit there and deal with the women, Ramona actually ... apologized. Was it disingenuous? A bit. But she did cop to feeling embarrassed about throwing a glass at Kristen, so that's a start.

Later on, Ramona and Kristen met for tea so Ramona could apologize for hurling things at her face on more than one occasion. The conversation started out positive with Ramona presenting Kristen with flowers and saying that she truly felt horrible about what she did. But Kristen, both understandably and irrationally, needed more. After hearing Ramona's apology, she repeatedly chided her for what she did. On the one hand, I get it. A pretty yellow bouquet isn't an automatic get out of jail free card. But on the other, this is Ramona we're talking about, Kristen. The woman doesn't apologize. Ever. So the fact that she was all but groveling was huge.

Instead of making up and agreeing to not like each other but get along for the sake of the group, the ladies began arguing. A lot. Kristen was relentless in insulting Ramona (and Ramona, of course, was condescending back), and we left off with things seeming worse than they were in the Berkshires. Maybe that's why Ramona never apologizes.

One thing is for sure, these ladies will continue to not get along throughout the rest of the season, and it will make for pretty fantastic television. But not television as good as the dog funeral Sonja Morgan has in store for us all next week. That seems like it's one for the books.

Do you think Kristen was too harsh on Ramona? Did you think it was weird that Heather asked for some of Cash's ice cream?


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