Jenelle Evans Ripped to Pieces for Following Her Doctor's Orders

Jenelle Evans

OMG. She might as well go ahead and give up on anyone ever giving her the benefit of the doubt for the rest of her life. Jenelle Evans has been accused of doing drugs during her pregnancy. Yes ... AGAIN.

(Girl just can't catch a break. For reals.)

Apparently she's suffering from a sinus infection, so she took some medication to alleviate the symptoms. And then not surprisingly, all hell broke loose as far as people calling her out on Twitter.


And of course, Jenelle had a very eloquent response to her critics.

Snort. You gotta love how she doesn't hold back at all.

But seriously, do you honestly believe Jenelle would do anything to put baby Kaiser in harm's way, especially considering how hard she's worked to clean up her act during this pregnancy?

And sure, there are probably some who will argue that Jenelle shouldn't take any sort of medication, regardless of what it's for. But as long as her doctor advised her that it's safe, then what's the big deal?

Sigh. Jenelle's haters definitely aren't going to go away ... like ever. But for the love of Pete, you'd think they could at least cut her a tiny bit of slack during the last few weeks of her pregnancy before deeming her the worst mother on the planet over and over again.

Do you think Jenelle did something wrong by taking medication?

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