Idina Menzel Lets John Travolta Know How to Make Up for Mangling Her Name

Idina MenzelMemo to John Travolta: Flowers and an email apology just won’t cut it for If/Then Tony award nominee Idina Menzel. Menzel became one of the most talked about stars at the Oscars when Travolta (aka Danny Zuko) inadvertently butchered her name and called her Adele Dazeem, and she still thinks he owes her for that famous flub.

Menzel, who appeared on The Talk last week in New York City, says after Travolta screwed up her name, she was mortified and upset, but managed to pull herself together and pull off a flawless performance of “Let It Go.” 


Travolta has attempted to make things up to her. When she was recently nominated for a Tony Award, Travolta sent Menzel a “beautiful email” and flowers congratulating her. However, while she told him that everything is “all good,” she revealed what he can do to finally make everything right with her musical world.

She wants him to sing “You’re the One that I Want” as a duet with her. 

"I just want to wear those pants and say, 'Hey Stud,'" she said.

Brilliant, right? That's something I think we'd all love to see. And it's the least he can do really.

Meanwhile, Menzel is juggling a grueling six-day-a-week schedule these days and says she feels that all-too-familiar mom guilt at the end of the day since she can’t tuck her toddler into bed. However, one of her favorite things to do is sing “Let It Go” while she’s giving her son a bath. Lucky boy.

Would you like to hear Idina Menzel and John Travolta do a duet?

Written by Beth Feldman for The Stir

Image via The Talk

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