'The Bachelorette' Premiere Recap: Andi Dorfman Hates ONE Thing

The BacheloretteYay, The Bachelorette is here! The premiere episode? It was definitely juicy. She is sweet as can be, but Andi Dorfman makes it clear that she hates one thing: Long hair. Not that she told us this directly. Oh no, our new (and possibly favorite) Bachelorette made her feelings known the Southern way -- passive aggressively. After the final rose was handed out, not one of her long-haired suitors remains. Somewhere Fabio weeps and takes out the clippers. Say it ain't so, Andi!

To be fair, the dudes she eliminated kind of had it coming! I don't fault Andi for her first-round choices at all. The men she sent home had by and large no personality -- that's why they got canned. They all also mostly had long hair, which is one hilarious coincidence. I know Andi isn't superficial to that degree (look at who her First Impression rose went to, notice it wasn't one of the dudes she was drooling over in the driveway). 


She did a great job of keeping a solid and interesting mix of guys in the house. Also Farmer Chris is still there. And this pleases me. For lo, he is a babe. 

It's probably just a testimony to my weirdness, but I'm actually really sad that she let Josh B. go home. Granted, this sadness is largely in part because of how awesome and amazing his parting speech was. I mean, he came across as basically the most genuine and dude-like dude on the show. And that's saying something! This is, after all, a show where a former contest literally tried to crash the party using powers of insanity and earnestness alone. 

Think about it. How would you feel if you were sent home the first night after taking the risk of putting yourself out there? Embarrassed doesn't even cover it. I'd be quietly mortified and go behind the mansion to dig the hole that I would have to live in from there on out. While the other guys Andi dismissed were quietly sad about leaving, Josh's loud and obvious hurt and embarrassment made him stand out in a way nothing else he did at the house had. JOSH B. FOR THE BACHELOR

Were you sorry to see any of the guys go?


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