Chelsea Houska's Ex Adam Lind Shocks No One by Getting Arrested AGAIN

Adam LindTsk, tsk! Chelsea Houska's ex-boyfriend was arrested for the eleventy-billionth time on Monday morning, this time for driving with a revoked license. Adam Lind was busted in South Dakota, and at a certain point, we're just glad no one was hurt.

The Teen Mom 2 star deadbeat has already racked up multiple DUIs and reckless driving charges, well as several arrests for driving without insurance and driving without a license. The skull on that one is thick, I tell you.


Let us also not forget the incident in February which resulted in a fiery car crash that almost killed an elderly couple.

Is it any wonder that Chelsea won't let him have unsupervised visitation with their 4-year-old daughter Aubree? How can he be a responsible father when he can't even follow simple traffic laws like don't drive with a revoked license?

He seriously seems to think he's above the law. Just last week he posted pictures on his Instagram of his truck stuck in the mud. When commenters called him out on whether his kids were with him (he also has an infant daughter, Paislee, with on-again-off-again girlfriend Taylor Halbur), he eloquently responded, "U guys need to shut up my god ... obviously I am not going to take my kids out here ! ... fucking shut up and go watch some tv and do your make up..."

Well, at least his kids weren't with him. And here's some free advice for Adam -- you're not going to be seeing a whole lot of your kids at all if you don't clean up your act, because eventually you're going to do some real damage and wind up in prison. It's hard to have a close relationship with your kids if you're behind bars.

Do you think Adam Lind will ever get it together?


Image via Adam Lind/Instagram

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