Jenelle Evans Might Officially Be the Hottest Pregnant Woman EVER (PHOTO)

Jenelle Evans and Jace

Even though most of us go into our pregnancies with the hope that we'll wind up being "all baby" and will still retain some element of sexiness -- it's pretty safe to say that's not the case for about 99 percent of us. But after seeing Jenelle Evans' super hot new Twitter profile pic, it's obvious that being pregnant really hasn't taken a toll on her looks ... like at all.

Love her or hate her, it's impossible to deny that she falls into the "cute pregnant chick" category. She's also managed to survive a good eight months with her mojo still in tact.


Check out her latest smokin' hot selfie, which should have other moms who are in their last trimester seething with jealousy.

Jenelle Evans

Bam. Girl knows how to work a camera from every angle, doesn't she? I know we can't see the bottom half of her -- but are those even maternity pants? They certainly don't look like 'em, so there's a decent chance Jenelle has managed to get by without having to give into ginormous elastic waistbands up until this point. (Lucky duck.)

And check out her arms! They're still toned and sculpted -- and she doesn't seem to be carrying one extra ounce of weight in her face either. Again, who else is beyond envious?

Of course, since this is Jenelle and not your average, everyday pregnant woman -- she's already been accused of photoshopping this pic by someone on Twitter. God forbid she take a selfie without at least one person assuming she's altered it to make herself look more attractive. (Eye roll.)

Do you think Jenelle looks amazing?


Images via Twitter

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