Billboard's Michael Jackson Hologram Is Jaw-Dropping & Sad

michael jackson hologram Holograms appearing on awards shows are getting to be almost the norm. The key word here being "almost". Further proof that we still can't quite shake the uncanny surreal nature of our favorite dearly departed icons returning to the stage? Michael Jackson's hologram performance tonight on the 2014 Billboard Music Awards

Of course the song was catchy, of course Michael's moves were compelling. A Michael Jackson song is always catchy and the dude was a dance master. None of that is surprising. But it was super weird watching a crowd of dancers swarm a computerized image of the former King of Pop. Even more unsettling? The standing ovation the audience essentially gave his ghost. Weeeeeeird! Me no like! 


Why do we all need to engage in the shared delusion that Michael didn't die? Of course his passing was tragic, and his entire story ultimately a very troubled and sad one. But that doesn't mean we have to pretend it didn't happen. Popping his hologram on stage to dance in a non-realistic and not-quite-right way just wasn't right. 

Michael's legacy is already one for the ages. If they wanted to honor him and celebrate the album of his that's dropping, couldn't they have shown a video, or featured other artists singing his songs? You know, something with more of a human touch and less of a ghostly, mechanical weird one? It seemed almost disrespectful to Michael's memory to me.

What did you think of the hologram?


Image via Twitter 

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