'SNL' Spoofs Jay Z & Solange Elevator Fight in Hilarious Video (VIDEO)

The writers on Saturday Night Live must have had a field day tossing around various ideas when they viewed the video that shocked the world this week. Of course, I'm referring to Beyonce's sister Solange attacking Jay Z in an elevator -- what else?! 

Jay Pharoah and newcomer Sasheer Zamata played excellent versions of Jay Z and Solange, but the audience went super wild when Maya Rudolph returned to reprise her role as Beyonce, or Queen Bey, or Bey, or whatever moniker she goes by these days. Their unique excuse for what happened after the Met Gala on that fateful night will put you in stitches.


The two claim there was zero drama that evening and that the universe blew up what happened between them. All was finally revealed to us when they replayed the video footage -- with audio this time -- and we discovered Solange was just being helpful. She was swatting (uh, and kicking) a spider off of her brother-in-law!

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Enter Beyonce wearing an insanely gaudy gold top and Daisy Dukes. In Bey's words, the trio were living it up after the ball, drinking "watermelon" (a reference to her song, Drunk in Love) and they were shocked -- shocked! -- to wake up the next morning and learn that they were now part of a scandal.

I have a feeling we'll never know what actually happened in that elevator. But we have this awesome, hilarious video to make up for our ignorance. Check it out and let us know what you think:

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